Raging Over Things, Not Relationships

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Things are temporary. Relationships–broken or otherwise–and people exist forever.

These basic spiritual truths are often lost on cheaters. They are so consumed with their “rights” and the devaluing of their partners that they fail to see what matters eternally.

After all, isn’t that what got them into this predicament in the first place? Choosing temporary sinful pleasure over eternal reward? Perspective issues.

I remember my (now ex) wife raging over how I was allegedly trying to steal “her stuff” by changing the locks on our condo.

She either did not see or did not care about the emotional turmoil it caused me knowing she–and whoever she wanted to bring with her–could enter my home at any hour day or night.

All she seemed to see was her stuff and not how her actions impacted our relationship.

Surely, the desire to have a safe and secure home environment could not have motivated such a lock-change?! No, I was trying to “steal” her stuff. Yeah, right.

Infidelity has a way of distorting priorities and reality.

Cheaters make things more important than the people–namely, their spouses and children–who truly ought to hold that place of prominence.

Clearly, they declare their heart by such fits of rage. Their treasure is not in godly places but rather in passing pleasures and things of this world.