A Religious Cheater–Tullian Tchividjian…again


What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?

-Romans 6:1-2, NKJV

Tullian Tchividjian, Reverend Billy Graham’s disgraced grandson, is back in the news. More details are coming out about his infidelity. See story here and here.

Some of those details include Tullian Tchividjian attempting to reconcile with his (now) ex-wife, Kim, only to return to the bed of his (then) mistress, Stacie, who he married shortly after the divorce became final (See The Christian Post article citing those details here).

At this point, I have to say, any pastor, Christian ministry, or Christian publishing house giving Tullian a platform to “preach” is a pastor, ministry, or publishing house not acting in god-honoring way. This is disqualifying behavior in Christian leadership (see I Timothy 3:2, 7).

Certainly, anyone giving him a “Christian” platform is not taking adultery seriously.

I truly hope he is not given more of platform with such serious sin left unaddressed. If he is, then that is just another indication that celebrity status is more important than godliness in the evangelical world.

Such are the sort of stories that make evangelicals look like bunch of hypocrites.

Tullian understands himself to be a Christian. But he does not seem to get how his actions–e.g. practiced life of lies and marrying of his affair partner–ought to give him pause in calling himself such.

God’s offer of grace, mercy, and forgiveness are all wonderful. I am grateful for all three personally. However, these offers are useless to the person who refuses to repent and seek God’s mercy.

Let’s be crystal clear here:

Marrying one’s affair partner is not repentance.

It’s the opposite.

It is a continuation in sin and an emphatic rejection of the way of righteous. The adulterer is doubling down as opposed to forsaking the sin (see Mark 10:11-12). God’s word is clear that such individuals know Him not (see I John 3:6 and Hebrews 10:26-27).

All that said, I do still truly hope Tullian Tchividjian finds repentance and healing. But he has no business being elevated in the Christian community “preaching” or speaking on (cheap) grace while these serious sin matters are left unaddressed. 

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  1. Hey David, I am reading his book right now (it was recommended by my pastor). Do you think these actions undermine the message of the gospel in his book Jesus + Nothing = Everything? I mean, would you still read a scripture-filled book by an author who has done these things?

    1. I might…but with discernment. What his lifestyle tells me is to be cautious about his teachings.

      God does offer radical grace to us all, AND God expects holiness. It is not an either/or. The classic heresy charged against those who emphasize God’s grace–e.g. Luther, unjustly–was that they were in the camp of “antinomianism.” That means they did not adhere to the law or any code of morality as necessary in the Christian walk. It was “all grace.”

      Based on what I know/heard of Tullian’s actions, I would consider the charge of antinomianism to be correct in his case. As such, I would be careful reading his works that fail in this area–i.e. only talk about grace but without the need for obedience or holiness as God–as voiced by Jesus Himself–expects of His people.

      So, yes, I agree with the basic idea: Jesus+nothing=everthing. However, the Bible teaches us that we have not truly grasped that message or have the Holy Spirit within us if we continue to return to that “nothing”-ness aka evil/sin. That radical grace should change us as James teaches us or it is questionable whether our faith is truly alive–aka it is questionable if we are truly “saved.”

      Clear as mud, right?


      1. What a sad story about lying and betrayal:

        The guy always had a plan.

        1. Betrayed his wife multiple times.
        2. Tried to scapegoat own wife to save himself. Attacks own brother for warning others about him, calling brother a bad egg and a snake.
        3. Used his mistress as a transition situation.
        4. Had wife and mistress fight for privalage of having him as a husband. Lied to them both.
        5. Used at least 2 other women as back up plan. Lied to them as well.
        6. Now at least 2 other back up women who were so eager to land support, spill private texts.
        7. Keeps lying going fwd to do damage control about contents of texts to 2 other women.

        His plans surely did not work out and lying did not save him.

        Should at least get a clue about lying ruining his future.

  2. A professional question: Why do other pastors defend and enable this predator? ( Spring Hills Community Church in Santa Rosa, CA) He makes you ALL look bad. Why isn’t he dumped overboard? His own family (Graham) will not support him.

    1. Why do “friends” feign neutrality and support cheaters? Why do Christians tend to accept cheaters without enforcing consequences or healthy boundaries? Same dynamic with greater destruction, of course. Some don’t want to “pick a side.” Others think they are showing this person “grace.”

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