Teaching Basic Marriage Morality

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

-Ephesians 6:4, KJV

Today was the day.

I was driving Munchkin to a birthday party. It was being held at the dad’s house of a classmate.

Munchkin informed me that her classmate’s parents live in separate houses now.

I explained to her that such “things happen.” Then I caught myself. This was a golden teaching opportunity that I almost blew.

I told Munchkin that Daddy was married to another woman at one time before meeting Mommy (Mrs. DM). We split up because my ex did “bad things.”

Munchkin wanted to know what those “bad things” were. So, I told her that my ex had two “boyfriends” and that is not acceptable. She agreed.

And then I told her how I felt blessed now to be her Daddy and married to Mommy.

Now, I do not think she fully understands what happened between me and my ex-wife. Muchkin is only six years old. She doesn’t have to know the gory details.

What she came to understand today was that having two boyfriends (or girlfriends as she volunteered)  at the same time is wrong. It was a step forward in her basic moral education.



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  1. That’s awesome. I don’t think the holiness of wedding vows is taught enough in churches or by parents.
    My parents (nonChristians) always taught it was a serious vow and once you made it you lived up to it. I later became a Christian met the ex who came out of a Christian home. After marriage I found out they didn’t talk about it at all… They never even talked about sex!!! No wonder my ex cheated and cheated plus had a twisted view of the marriage bed. SMH

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