You are NOT a disappointment to God!

You are not a disappointment to God!

You did not let God down!

You are a faithful spouse and a dear child of God.

wpid-wp-1418057115076.jpegMaybe I am the only faithful spouse to ever have struggled with this one. I doubt it. But I don’t know. When the pain of the divorce was acute, I felt and somewhat believed a particular lie that caused me considerable distress.

The lie said,

“You let God down when your marriage ended in divorce.”

I am so thankful for the friends and godly people in my life who helped me recognize this as a lie and false accusation. It was shame/guilt I did not need to bear.

The marriage was ravaged by my former spouse’s adultery, and it was ended by my former spouse’s sinful insistence on divorce. Even if I had ended it myself after the adultery, it still would not mean I “let God down.” God does not condemn us for something that is not sin (see Jeremiah 3:8, Matthew 5:32 and 19:9). And we cannot force someone to repent. Even God allows humans to choose against Him in the end.

So, I repeat these words to those of you, faithful spouses, struggling today as I struggled now years ago:

You are not a disappointment to God!

You did not let God down!

You are a faithful spouse and a dear child of God.

8 thoughts on “You are NOT a disappointment to God!”

  1. Thank you. Wringing day in divorce court. Perfect thing to read and re fuel spiritually with

  2. I think not only are you not a disappointment but that God is proud of us faithful spouses for standing up to sin and standing up to Satan. That takes courage!

  3. Thank you, DM. I really needed this. I tried so hard to reconcile with my cheating spouse. I hope God is proud of me for my efforts, although ultimately unsuccessful.

  4. Thank you, but no. When ever to b ex husband is still focused on justifying his decision to divorce me by declaring I did things that crim court after a trial, found not to be true. I m tired. I don t even want anything now from house. I just want to sell the house and move on. Mistress has lived there for two years now… With our 17 yr old son. Can we just move along? Apparently not.

    1. That’s awful, Mom three. My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine how frustrating and angering I imagine I’d be if I were in your shoes. Wish I could say something to make it better.

  5. Just cover the children in prayer. I m “prayer-ed” out. My spouse understands that repeating something enough times…it becomes the truth. They are beginning to believe I did something I didn t do. And accepting that if I tried to kill him, then the adultery they witness up close and personal… Well that isn t “bad” because it is a technicality. It is devastating to see my life s work … Our children destroyed by their own father.

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