Your ex does not own your beliefs. It is okay to disagree.


“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

-Daniel Patrick Moynihan, American Politician

Cheaters often forget that faithful spouses do not owe them agreement with their marriage ending narrative.

This reality does not stop cheaters from expecting and demanding such agreement, though. Cheaters are perfectly fine pressuring a faithful partner (or ex) to continue the lie for outsiders even after being caught red-handed in their infidelity. In other words, the facts—aka truth–of the situation do not seem to bother cheaters.

Agreeing with someone who treats opinions as facts and facts as opinions is a good way to loose touch with reality (and one’s sanity)!

Don’t do it!!!

I am sure my ex-wife has a very different story that she tells about how our marriage ended. It does not matter to me so much any more. I know the truth, and the objective facts are on my side of the story.

Besides, I am allowed to disagree with someone including my former spouse. And so are you! 

Since I enjoy my sanity and remaining grounded in the truth, I have no intention of engaging in agreement-making with someone who is so incredibly confused between opinions and facts or–to put it in more spiritual terms–truth and lies.


“Sorry, I don’t have to agree with you” is a perfectly acceptable response to an ex trying to manage what one says about how your infidelity-ravaged marriage ended.

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