Here is to the Courageously Divorced!!!


Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.

-Mathew 1:19, NIV

Sometimes divorce is the best of the bad options left.

Today, I want to celebrate the courageous ones. The divorced who chose ridicule from pastors, congregants, counselors, and sometimes family over enabling adultery and deceit any more.

These people have grit.

And they have a powerful testimony that the Church needs to hear.

Some choose divorce over allowing husbands to continue frequenting hookers. Others choose divorce over wives who have an out of control night life–i.e. alcoholism, sexual debauchery, and all!

They have stared down the fear-mongering giants of religious shame, poverty, and “cursing” of their children.

And they have said, “ENOUGH!”

My hat is off to them.

Some of you have had unbelievably tough mountains to climb. Yet, you chose to honor God’s word refusing to accept anything less than true and full repentance when your marriage was violated by adultery. Settling for contempt and more soul rapes was not acceptable to you.

You walked the path Joseph was willing to walk as a righteous man who understood sexual infidelity was incompatible with his and God’s values.*

I am truly amazed by the stories I hear of people going forth under incredibly stressful situations. Testimonies exist of how God provided miraculously as they step through the carnage left by the adulterous betrayals and divorce from their former spouses.

God honors the righteous…and so should we celebrate the courageously divorced!



*Thankfully, God rescued him from that by letting him know the full story that Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit.


4 thoughts on “Here is to the Courageously Divorced!!!”

  1. Thank you, Pastor and Mrs. DM, for your unfailing defense of the Godly divorcée who walks away from a chronically unfaithful spouse and away from hypocritical “churchianity.” I’m also grateful for the three “true blue” Christian sisters who stood with me through 10 years of agony and the one Christian brother who actually confronted my ex-.

  2. Thank you Pastor & Mrs, DM for speaking the truth. I’ve lived it all for 31 heartbreaking years. I Love God, and HIS word is clear. But man twists it to fit their agenda i.e. pastors, christian counselors, family etc. It has been pure HELL to know in my heart their words and advice were wrong, Ive told you this before DM but it was last February 2015 after I discovered your site that I got the courage to file for divorce. It was final in December. Keep speaking the truth as will I. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. You are an inspiration to me and I try to read your blog everyday.


  3. I was on as I was going through the whole ordeal. I had a friend on that site who was a pastor. He didn’t understand why I hadn’t divorced someone who couldn’t keep his vows of fidelity.

    I admire those who have especially difficult mountains to climb after divorce. I feel like I was fortunate for being able to go home to my parents and crash for awhile. Especially since the economy soon tanked after my divorce and I was laid off several times. I have a stable job now though 🙂

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