Josh Duggar and Ashley Madison



Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.

– Ephesians 5:11, NLT

In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack and posting of user identities, information has come to light about embattled, eldest son of the Duggar family fame. And it is not good…

For those who are unaware, Ashley Madison is a “dating” website for married people. Its motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.” To translate that spiritually, it is a business built on facilitating adultery. And millions have availed themselves of its services.

Josh Duggar was one.

He does not deny it (see here).

I give him credit for that.

That is more than some adulterous spouses do even when caught red-handed.

However, do consider how this gargantuan iceberg–that he was cheating on his wife for years–remained hidden during the whole sexual molestation of minors debacle. It remained hidden while Josh and company defended him as a reformed, repentant man who had dealt with his sexual sin problems.

It is disgusting.

The information released (see here again) indicates Josh Duggar used Ashley Madison’s adultery services for about THREE YEARS (2012-2015) spending nearly $1000. Making matters worse, this happened while Duggar was working for The Family Research Council.

This is not a slip up, as if infidelity is ever a slip up (see post here). It was deliberate. And it was done over years.

While this is truly tragic–I feel for his wife and family*–I hope it serves as a lesson to conservative Christians. This evil exists. We need to be talking about it.

The silence on adultery from the pulpit needs to end.


* Prayers for wisdom and comfort to Mrs. Duggar. Sadly, she is not alone in making such awful discoveries regarding years of infidelity. I hope she finds people willing and able to comfort her and support her through this awful, awful grief and trauma.




2 thoughts on “Josh Duggar and Ashley Madison”

  1. DM,

    Evil and hypocrisy and collusion becomes a literal killer. I have witnessed some victims who are so utterly lost, that they exist in a dissociative state. My heart goes out to the innocents.

    I had chest pain yesterday. Hearing some more sad stories about people in my community, and yet another person with STD’S weeping alone behind a locked door, another mother become alcoholic ,and another child devastated by sexual secrets and betrayal. I feel such compassion and sorrow at what appears to me as epidemic narcissism. Someone said, “Narcissism is meeting history and colliding with it.”

    I feel hopeful – because I’m part of a community, supported and validated by other veterans of betrayal. But many do not feel that way and remain utterly alone.

    And I have another burning concern and that is regarding the law. I had a long talk with a dear friend who is a mediator and professor. Realizing that I could not have articulated what happened to me 5 years ago but yesterday I poured my heart out……about the need to educate lawyers and judges concerning the ravages of intimacy terrorism upon it’s victims.

    Also noted in regards to the AM scandal that a PI reported that high on the list of professionals that “cheat.” are lawyers for BOTH genders. Lawyers and Real Estate agents made it on both lists of male and female cheaters. (McAfee)

    This is my alarm as I more and more become an Infidelity anarchist.

    Who is going to protect the betrayed?

    Who has our interest at heart?

    How can we speak truth to power? And really who has ever protected our interests…..

    The hard truth for me to witness is that our legal system is determined by who can pay the most (by wealth), and not culpability.

    Ever grateful for people like you who speak truth to power.

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