The lies cheaters spew…


Today was a celebration day.

My favorite Munchkin turned five years old today.

And we had deep dish pizza.

You know the kind with fresh Italian-style sausage and cheese so thick you need a steak knife to cut it. 

Daddy’s love language. And Munchkin’s favorite…at least, for a day.

You know kids.

Then she decided to ride home in daddy’s car. I like to think it is because she enjoys riding with me. But she supplied the reason: daddy’s car has gum in it. She likes the orange gum.

Cheaters are bad assessor of faithful spouses’ character. 

Do not take their curses and lies at face value. Certainly, do not accept what they try to do to brand you. Today is a reminder of that truth to me.

You see, my ex and her family branded me “unfit” to be a father. It was just one of many labels lobbed at me during the “assault.”

Well, God thought otherwise. Their branding was a lie. Just ask Munchkin.

I do not have much time for those people anymore these days. My heart is just too full with gratitude at being Munchkin’s daddy. Blessings continue to overflow. 

My hope for each one of you is to be encouraged today. I testify to the truth:

God sees you even now. No darkness is too dark for Him to pierce.

Those lies and curses spoken over you are not the last word. God gets the last word!

And He is wildly in love with you!!!



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