Janet Mefferd On Pastor Tullian Tchividjian’s Adulterous Fall


Janet Mefferd is a former news reporter who comes from the Christian broadcasting field (more info here). She confronted Pastor Mark Driscoll for his alleged plagarism in November 2013 and was roundly criticized for such a direct confrontation. Some disagree over how that interview was handled, and she even apologized for doing it, but my take is that she was just a straight-shooting, journalist who was not going to accept lame excuses for bad behavior.

So, it came as no surprise to me to see that same sort of directness in her tackling of the Pastor Tullian Scandal (my thoughts on the same situation found here).

Today, it’s Tullian: Will the scandals ever end?is the post she penned on the matter.

I liked her writing on this topic so well that I thought it would be worth sharing with my readership.

Please take the time to read her article (click on the article title above to be directed to it). She did a good job pointing out how adultery in Christian leadership hurts a broad group of people beyond the cheater’s family.

For a change, it is nice to read someone (else) taking adultery seriously in the evangelical, Christian community.