Not Relevant To Congregation?!


Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

God in Exodus 20:14, KJV

According to a website drawing its numbers from the Associated Press plus Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 41% of marriages have minimally one spouse who admits to emotional and/or physical infidelity.

Infidelity is a problem. And it is not a minor one.

Scripture is clear that God sees even one instance as very, very serious.

Adultery is soul rape.

And God calls it evil (see Deuteronomy 22:22).

I share this statistic as a reminder to Christians and pastors that infidelity is not as infrequent as one might hope. Ignoring it from the pulpit just allows this evil to grow and metastasize in our communities. It gives Satan free reign to destroy more and more lives.

And make no mistake:

This is a community problem.

Adultery and infidelity affect more than just the couple, of course. Think of the friendships destroyed over one or both partners’ betrayals and lies. Consider the children caught in the back and forth fight. They have watched one parent treat the other with the utmost disrespect anyone can possibly muster for that is what adultery is–i.e. the pit of contempt.

This is a big problem. It is even bigger than the 41% statistic.

And that is not even mentioning all the Scripture teaching on this matter. The fact that God talks about such sin throughout the Old and New Testaments ought to be enough of a reason to address it in our communities.

Want to be relevant?

Be courageous.

Preach God’s wisdom and heart on the matters of adultery.

People are dying to hear Good News that has the strength and power to address the realities of a world torn apart by such treacherous sin!