Over Half A Million Christians On Adultery Dating Site

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. – Judges 21:25, ESV

wpid-2014-08-17-11.37.10.jpg.jpegRecently, Chump Lady sent me a link to a story regarding yet another adultery facilitating online dating business. This service happens to be in the UK, and it is a booming business among professing Christians! Here’s the article: Dating website for adulterers: Most of our members are Christians — ‘it is incredibly ironic’.

Some numbers from the article indicate this business services almost one million adulterous spouses! And it is not the only adultery facilitating dating websites out there (e.g. Ashley Madison, etc). The numbers of people actively seeking out adultery are even more grave than that.

What is especially disturbing to me as a pastor in this article is how many people professing to be Christian who are utilizing this service. The business claims 64% of their clients are professing Christians. Let me do the math for you. That is 631, 680 adulterers/adulteresses utilizing this service who claim Christ’s name! Over half a million. This adultery dating website alone in the UK.

If you are a pastor, I hope you are in shock or are starting to see the need for sound teaching regarding adultery from the pulpit. Morality lines are being blurred so much that Christians in droves are utilizing a business explicitly designed to break one of the Ten Commandments. Something is seriously wrong.

But I ask you:

Have you ever heard a pastor talk about these sleazy websites from the pulpit or in marital counseling? For that matter, have you ever heard a sermon decry the evils of adultery and the real worldly “justifications” that lead into the pit of that sin and bondage? Have you ever heard much more than a quotation of the Ten Commandment prohibition concerning adultery read from the pulpit?

Clearly, we are loosing this battle. The world today is making the debauch church of Corinth in Paul’s day look like a bride pure as the driven snow. We are failing as pastors and Christian leaders in equipping and exhorting our church members to holy living here.

And I suggest part of the problem is a lack of focus and naivete:

We have spent so much energy focusing on the evil of divorce citing scary statistics (which include Biblically obtained divorces for some, by the way!) while completely or nearly completely ignoring this scourge of sin under our very noses. The threat of adultery is minimized just as it is minimized in pastoral counseling sessions being treated as merely a symptom and not a sin. Pastors are pushing “Love Dare”s to the sheep being devoured by the very spouses–i.e. wolves–staring them in the eyes. Why are we surprised when marriages end after adultery when we are sending such clear signals that the adultery/infidelity is no big deal?! The big deal is the divorce not the adultery is what is too often taught (see here).

Adultery is a problem.

It is a sin.

And it is happening in the Church.

As a community and as Christian leaders, we need to wake up, get educated, and start working to communicate the seriousness of this scourge named adultery. We need holy champions like the judges of the Old Testament, which drew God’s people back to Him. Unless we act, I suggest we will continue living as if everyone gets to decide for themselves what is right. And that is a pastoral failure.


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  1. Well that the article was written by a self-righteous atheist who runs a site that facilitates adultery! Moreover, that person was pointing out that “so-called Christians”, (unsubstantiated tales on the Internet without actually naming real people .) while simultaneously justify himself because he doesn’t believe adultery is evil. Let’s think about this logic for a second,this would be like arguing that a pimp has done nothing immoral in so far as he facilitates prostitution because he does not see prostitution as an evil. So what’s follow this logic further,shall we. The atheist claims that he is a more moral person not based on unchanging morals but based on the fact that he doesn’t believe what the Christian believes to be evil to be evil. Well then the rapist that doesn’t believe rape to be evil is justified. And if Hitler sees nothing wrong with slaughtering thousands of people I guess he is morally justified. Now I know you will say well the rapist is not justified because the other person did not consent. But this is not really a problem because our hypothetical rapist doesn’t think it’s immoral to rape without the consent of the woman either. And then the universe without God there is no authority on which you can discern between what is good and what is evil Dezert’s essentially all opinions that we hold contrary to each other. And thus orthodoxy and anything will be determined by strength alarms and not the consent of the majority. It’s like the Athenian League of Thucydides, we taken subjugate your little island because we can and if they is no higher power where on men can call that might makes right. And all this is to say that the self-righteous atheist is not justified by his own definition of morality; he is either under the morality and law of God where in he stands condemned by the things written in those books (the bible), unless he repent or he,and everyone else for that matter, is under no law and/or more obligation and free to do whatsoever he wills provided he is able to execute said will either strength of arms or cunning artifice. I would appreciate a Christian stop spreading rumors that are unsubstantiated. Whenever atheists,who are notorious liars, tell tall tales about the “hypocritical Christians” they know or have seen christians should ask for names are and contacts so that they can rebuke your brothers that they supposedly love. Of course you won’t get names because their imaginary people that only live in the fertile imagination of the missionary atheist. Have you ever noticed when politicians who push for morality or Christianity end up in some compromising position that you’re atheist friends are there to tell you? Believe me if these people existed their names would be outed. PS I also understand they are real Christians wouldn’t commit adultery you should encourage them to repent for no adulterer and how it’s the kingdom of God and you can twist that passage and rationalize it all you want they do not inherit the kingdom of God ! That’s we must conclude that those who are committing such things on a regular basis,I’m not speaking of people who have sinned and repented where who God promises to forgive, but rather about serrial adulterers who are not of the elect. Pray for them and the lying hypocritical atheists and for all that fall that they might come to repentance and know the loving-kindness and peace of God which Christ died to provide to them, though they were sinners unworthy of at least of Christ’s mercies, as we once were too. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall a thing be established so confirm your sources with multiple sources and have names but lacking these, don’t help The lying enemies of Christianity spread their vicious rumors.

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