As Long As This Is Being Taught By Pastors…

Recently, someone told me that her pastor said that that people who divorce their spouses for adultery could not remarry. I asked her where he got that notion. She said “The Word of God, of course!” I asked her why other conservative pastors would disagree with her pastor when they know “the Word of God”  as well. She obviously had not thought that through. She had been trained to accept everything that proceeds from the mouth of her current pastor.

– Dee from The Wartburg Watch blog in “A TWW Tutorial Analyzing The Village Elders Apology to Karen Hinkley and Others

2014-07-25 14.09.51Do I think Divorce Minister is going to change how evangelical denominations and pastors think or act? I do not know. What I do know is that I am called to this ministry.

This blog might make a difference for some pastors and denominational officials who are genuinely hungry to learn and hear from someone who has “been there.” I know several pastors already who have told me (or family members) how they follow the blog and appreciate it. So, I know it is having an impact in that realm to some extent.

But to be honest, my heart is really for the sheep. Infidelity survivors especially. The battered and bruised sheep who turn to their under-shepherds for healing only to receive another beating. I want them to know the Good Shepherd does not beat His sheep. He uses His staff and authority to protect them from the wolves. And I want those battered sheep to hear at least one under-shepherd say so.

I know from the emails, comments, and conversations I have had in regards to this blog that the sheep are hearing this message. It is having a positive impact. Just this past month of May, Divorce Minister set a blog traffic record taking over 12,000 views from over 4,700 unique individuals. Since its conception a few months shy of one year ago, this website has seen nearly 90,000 views from individuals hailing from over 125 different nations! The interest to hear the messages shared on Divorce Minister is there, obviously.

The internet and blogs are often maligned. But I see them as wonderful tools to share Good News to others. They have made it possible to share the messages of Divorce Minister:Taking Adultery Seriously literally around the globe. And they make it possible for people like Dee’s friend mentioned above to get a second opinion from a well-educated, Biblically literate, evangelical minister who disagrees with her pastor on the matter of remarriage following adultery.

My work and the ministry here will continue. If you are struggling following discovering infidelity or love someone who is, I am glad you found your way here. You are not alone, and God is especially fond of you!

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