Easter-Death Is NOT The End!


“He is not here; he has risen!”

-Luke 24:6a, NIV

Today, we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave.

It is Resurrection Sunday.

One lesson from Resurrection Sunday is that death is not the end. It is merely the beginning of life for those who are in Christ. Sin and death do not get the last say. Christ does.

Sometimes a thing must die to make way for new life.

This can be true of marriages as well. Marriages ravaged by infidelity and lies.

Even for couples that stay together following adultery, I think this is true. It certainly is true for those of us who were forced into divorce or chose divorce in light of an unrepentant cheater.

In that sense, I am thankful for the death of my first marriage. It paved the way for new life. A new wife. A new family that includes my favorite little munchkin. This never would have happened, though, without the death of my first marriage.

As we celebrate Easter, keep this truth in mind.

Perhaps the death you are experiencing today is merely the pathway to your own God-given version of new life?

It was for me.