I’m intolerant.


Yes, that is correct.

My name is David, and

I am intolerant.

And I am not ashamed of this truth in the least. This intolerance presents no problems internally for me. In fact, I hope more people–and more pastors, especially–become as intolerant as I am.

If only our churches were so intolerant!

My hope is more and more people view adultery with intolerance. I hope pastors send a message from their pulpits and in their offices that nothing justifies or excuses infidelity. Nothing.

May more pastors be intolerant. Completely unaccepting of this sort of behavior. Intolerant.

This is a virtuous intolerance. A hatred of what God hates. It is the type of intolerance that mirrors God’s heart on the evil named “adultery” (e.g. Hebrews 13:4 and Deuteronomy 22:22).

This intolerance says a marriage without true repentance from adultery is no godly marriage at all. It is the sort of intolerance that views the ending of this sin as a primary target and not an ancillary “prize” in the “all-important” goal of keeping marriages “intact.” This intolerance does not rejoice over marriages “saved” unless those “saved” marriages are true miracles of full repentance and resurrection. 

It is an intolerance that completely accepts and supports a faithful spouse who chooses divorce. This intolerance recognizes the situation is that bad when one spouse has committed adultery. God commanded death in the Old Testament (e.g. Lev. 20:1o) over just one instance of it, after all! Certainly, divorce is a merciful and lesser “penal” substitute.

It is an intolerance that loves adulterous spouses enough to insist they stop such soul-damning sin and repent before it is too late (e.g. I Cor. 6:9-10). This intolerance does not give any quarter to Family of Origin (FOO) excuses. It does not accept blame-shifting upon the faithful spouse. It is an intolerance that calls the adulterous spouse to “man-up” owning the sin fully that flowed out of his/her wretched, wicked heart.

I am Divorce Minister. I am intolerant. 

And I hope my intolerance is highly infectious!

9 thoughts on “I’m intolerant.”

  1. {{{APPLAUSE!!!}}} {{{APPLAUSE!!!}}} {{{APPLAUSE!!!}}}

    YES! HIGHLY infectious!!

    LOVE YA!!!

    Forge on, DM…..ForgeOn!!!!

  2. +1 to what Forge On said! A powerful statement DM and so well put. It is cut and dry. Nowhere is scripture does it say anything about tolerating adultery (or any other sin). In fact it is very specific about separating from those who are sexually immoral. Sin must be dealt with before anything remotely resembling reconciliation and forgiveness could happen. Not dealing with sin does not do the sinner any favors. In fact, it prolongs the repentance process by not lovingly correcting. Repentance is key. Without it, no mending of relationship can take place. And since God is a God of reconciliation, this false tolerance (fake civility) is detrimental to His purpose.

    IMHO, society in general has a misguided notion of tolerance. Tolerance is putting up with mistakes, not accepting any foolishness that comes along. But society has this notion that judging is bad and this idea lends itself to a steady decline in morality. It is truly a ploy of the enemy. Hopefully, more will realize that this is where the battle is fought.

  3. Well said!!! Bravo!
    I would love to send this message to my pastor & his wife. Although adultery is condemned in many pulpit messages, behind the scenes they both have left me feeling as though I am wrong in filing for divorce. After 31 years of mercy and grace (tolerance) of my STBXh continual sinful choices, I will no long TOLERATE his unrepentance. I resent every single bit of counsel I have ever received from pastors to stay, pray and tolerate his sin in order to save the marriage. THAT ended the first year of our marriage when he cheated. Even though I feel isolated and shunned bc of MY choice to cut loose my losses, I feel liberated making my stand to HATE what GOD hates. Pastors need to wake up and quit tolerating the SIN of adulters, it only prolongs the suffering of the faithful spouse.

    Thank you DM, many blessings to you as you continue to speak the TRUTH! You have helped ME in more ways than you can imagine.


  4. This is my hope, too. I have a page on Facebook called “Cheating Cannot Be Tolerated.” Because I’m intolerant. And unapologetic.
    Thank you!

  5. One affect the church’s “tolerance” has had is to give the homosexual marriage crowd legitimate ammo to use against the church: accepting heterosexual adultery and non-Biblical divorce is as much a sin as homosexual relations. But we’ve become desensitized to heterosexual adultery. Thanks for sometimes being the lone voice in the wilderness.

  6. …you write….”the ending of this sin as a primary target and not an ancillary prize in the all important goal of keeping marriages intact”

    I agree100% Divorce Minister, It’s all about image control ,and people playing at church. Churchianity vs.Christianity.I haven’t heard much truth (except from you Divorce Minister) on adultery, but I sure seem to hear a lot of church folks bemoaning divorce.
    I agree with Resa, Divorce Minister is the voice of truth crying in the wilderness.God’s voice.Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. I needed to hear this message today.I am so grateful for your blog.

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