Is Adultery Ever Justifiable?


Is adultery ever justifiable in the eyes of God?

Put another way:

How bad a husband/wife does one have to be to justify adultery?

Faithful Spouse Bad: Fail to do the laundry.

Consequence: Wife cheats on husband.

Faithful Spouse Bad: Fail to make a six figure salary.

Consequence: Wife cheats on husband.

Faithful Spouse Bad: Fail to lose 40 pounds.

Consequence: Husband cheats on wife.

Faithful Spouse Bad: Fails to have enough heart-to-heart conversations.

Consequence: Wife cheats on husband.

This is utter madness!

The obvious answer to anyone who has ever read the Bible is that no justification exists for committing adultery. It is sin. We are all called not to sin. We are called to be holy (I Peter 1:16). God does not give exceptions to His Ten Commandments (“Thou shalt not commit adultery.” -Exodus 20:14, KJV).

God does not say: “Thou shalt not commit adultery unless….”

Granted, we all can grow in our relationships and as individuals striving to  be whole and healthy. However, our shortcomings as a faithful spouse does not justify the sin of adultery in the cheating spouse.

The commandment stands for both partners. While one found a way to remain holy and honor God in keeping His commandment, the other did not. Let me make this clear by a metaphor: When I tell someone to do something under my authority and he does not do it, I do not look at someone else for why he did not do it. I ask him, and my ire is fully directed at him as is appropriate. The same idea applies here.

Responsibility for adultery stops at the feet of the adulterous spouse.

No excuse exists for choosing sin.

And no excuse exists to make committing adultery “okay” to God.