New Tagline: Taking Adultery Seriously

295938_10152100594645441_826752745_nToday, I decided to hone the identity of my blog.

Yesterday’s post on adultery facilitation by online companies made me think more specifically about what I am doing here. And while I do not back down from what I have written before about my focus on this blog, I feel like a subtitle to express that focus is in order.

This blog remains a place for healing (as my last tagline stated: “Binding Up the Brokenhearted”). And it remains a resource for those struggling for pastoral words to process the traumas of adultery and divorce.

And it is something more.

This blog is an air assault against the lies surrounding adultery.

This is one prophetic pastor shouting out God’s heart on adultery from the electronic roof top:

Adultery is an evil, which must be purged from the hearts of all faithful followers of Christ.

I will not back down from using strong language. As God does not back down in the Bible from using such language when addressing this heinous sin and the devastation it generates in our communities. After instructing the Israelites to kill the adulterer and adulteress, God tells His people: “You must purge the evil from among you” (Deut. 22:22b, NIV).

While I do not advocate physical or emotional violence, I do advocate spiritual violence in the sense of being ruthless against purging the lies in our hearts designed to minimize adultery’s wickedness or devalue the person of the faithful spouse.

Such lies have gone unchallenged from the pulpit for far too long.

They get no free pass here.

Adultery is evil.

Here at Divorce Minister, we are a blog speaking truth to the lies surrounding infidelity.

I take adultery seriously.

And I am not afraid to be known as such:

Divorce Minister: Taking Adultery Seriously



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