When Pastors Are Caught…***UPDATE***

***UPDATE*** this is a continuation of the post entitled “When Pastors Are Caught…”

Since I wrote my last post on the situation at Quest Community Church, developments have occurred. Both pastors were fired. Official statement here. Below is the pertinent sentence:

This past Thursday, September 11, after the deliberation and counsel of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, the QCC Lead Team, Elders and Governing Board unanimously decided that Pastor Pete and Pastor Sharon be permanently dismissed from employment at Quest Community Church.

I applaud the leadership for taking this difficult yet godly step in addressing adultery in leadership. My hope is such a step was taken with an awareness of how it impacts the innocent and with an attempt to protect them in the midst of this difficult time.

In addition to the official status statement, Pastor Hines issued his own apology (see link above for the entirety of both statements). He wrote:

I have written this letter simply to apologize. Besides what was publicly acknowledged by QCC, I further apologize for the terrible example I have set and I take full responsibility for my actions. In my prideful arrogance I assumed I was too strong to ever sin in this way. I was proud and wrong, and the fault is entirely my own. I am sincerely sorry to the core. I have sinned against you, against my wife and family, Uprising churches, the body of Christ and, most of all, against God who is loving and holy.

This looks good and reflects in words a stance where he takes full responsibility for his actions and their impact on others. It remains to be seen by actions if this is PR or an actual reflection of his heart. My hope for all is that it is the later and wish him plus his family well as they seek healing. I am glad to see a godly denomination take action and address the seriousness of what took place while extending mercy.


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