Still Taking Feedback For Book



What posts or topics have you found most helpful or enlightening on my blog?

Currently, I have a some idea of the posts/themes that need to be in this book. A title and angle I am thinking is below (subject to change):

Divorce Minister’s Guide to Taking Adultery  Seriously:

Surviving A Spouse’s Infidelity While Remaining Faithful To God

Topics from posts:

1) Adultery is soul rape

2) Shared Responsibility Lie

3) When Divorce Is Not An Option

4) Grief and infidelity

5) Forgiveness (distinction between reconciliation and forgiveness)

6) Teachings on Hosea

7) Don’t Build A Smiting Shelter (Jonah teaching)

8) Slaying Fear Giant

9) Other Abused Bible Passages (Eph 5, Malachi 2:16-God hates divorce, etc … )

10) How to Help A Friend Who Discovers Infidelity


A) Catholic Annulment Process, etc.

B) Dealing with adultery/divorce with kids in the relationship

C) Biblical case for situations where divorce is allowed (I will likely focus on infidelity/adultery in this book; many books exist that do a full treatment of cases; my point is that where the Bible is clear–on adultery–the Church still gets in wrong)

Did I miss something?



Thank you to all who have weighed in already! I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.


3 thoughts on “Still Taking Feedback For Book”

  1. Dearest DM,

    I finally came across the post I hope you expound on in your book:

    ‘Wilting Daisies Or Bruised Reeds Cheaters Are NOT!”

    This is just one of many scriptures cheater-boi used to try & make himself seem like such a poor, sad, misunderstood timid forest creature during false reconciliation. He had actually taken the sordid affair further underground. You know how that goes…..

    He also claimed the 38th Psalm expressed how he felt, in imitation of repentant King David. As we know, precious King David WAS truly repentant & humbly endured the harsh consequences of his actions for the rest of his life. Did I mention ‘humbly’ endured? Of course, cheater-boi was everything other than humble or repentant! Silly him!

    Anyway….I do believe that you have our ‘Final Answer’….YES!!! Please write that book!

    ForgeOn, my Friend….

  2. Yeah for the book. I’m not sure it’s already covered, but for me shame is a lingering issue that then brings up anger and of course sadness.

  3. Thank you for your blog. I am still very traumatised by the events in my life and it left me feeling spiritually isolated and abandoned. But I read a quote which said “it is difficult to hear the still small voice of God whilst your soul is screaming”. For some reason this helped considerably. I can’t find the exact quote now, but wondered if it was resonant with others and what your thoughts were.
    Please write a book. Include a chapter from your wife, I would like to hear more of her.
    Bless you and your wife.

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